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Denise and margaret stood behind her and watched the expulsion of the enema, and the shitting, as gushes of the enema mixed with fat brown turds shot out of her, the young woman finally and blissfully able to empty her bowels. I want you to use your tongue to wipe it clean and then i may just let you relieve yourself. The hue deepened with each loud and vivid eruption from her rectum. Just keep watching,” denise softly whispered into margaret’s ear as she quickly wet the middle finger of her left hand in her mouth, then brought it down again and worked that finger into margaret’s ass.

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Piss enema expulsions.

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Busty ebony milfs enjoy milk enema fetish. Take a look,” denise said, reaching down to turn tina’s head so she was facing margaret seated on the toilet. Clean now?” denise asked again.