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Tries to record at least a part of this shifting wordscape by featuring new words, word histories, words in the news, and the curiosities of native english speech. Bayesian networks made it practical for machines to say that, given a patient who returned from africa with a fever and body aches, the most likely explanation was malaria. But for now, medicine has no therapy to offer people who want to rid themselves of the latent infection; and until solid proof exists that. I’m pee tregeer, and you can’t think how i’ve. There is a new american aristocracy, and it’s bigger than previously thought. Last modified: 8 june 2013. She has worked as a medical writer, paralegal, veterinary assistant, stage manager, session musician, ghostwriter and university professor.

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Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. There are many reasons why your cat might urinate on your bedding or clothes — figuring out why your cat does this is the first step towards prevention. Once any fabric is impregnated with the smell of cat urine, your cat may think of that fabric as her personal toilet.