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Why do so many women dislike it if their boyfriends or husbands watch pornography which has purely natural sex and no violence? - quora

That should be a sort of bechdel test for relationships moving forward or not. Curvy cutie takes a telling dick anal creampie. Being labeled a whore, a slut, or a cunt. And the whole behind the balls shot where you see the dudes ass awkwardly positioned over her. The only sexual advice people need as far as pleasure is concerned is as follows. You sound like you have a weird preoccupation with anal, even though it’s a negative preoccupation. That would kill passion for me.

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It is built and operates to allow substances out of the body, not in. Lopsided (return: the guy you’re dating thinks you’re cool, or whatever? risk: pooping on a penis. Here’s an example (obviously nsfw).

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