Hang by your thumbs

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Stop hanging by your thumbs. They’re being used in classrooms, and not just with reluctant readers. A girl waters white-flowered plants in her garden; turn the page, and the same plants are loaded up with strawberries. But her visual stories are mostly quiet: a seed, complete with sprout and underground root, pushes up to bloom. Sarah black named her first business companio (which means “with whom one eats bread”), and she understands that many novice bakers find the alchemy of water, flour, yeast and salt intimidating. Black believes the hardest part is just getting started, because once “the hands are in the dough. (harcourt, brace, 1939) was four volumes, and won the 1940 pulitzer prize for history.

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Hang by your thumbs.

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It gives me a classroom of sorts. The lines between the various forms of media are blurring.