Gay forced shave

The response was only a deep rumble in his throat as his cock was really oozing now. 1 on top now required weekly trips to the barber at $12 a pop (plus tip) and a significant loss of time on saturday afternoons. We quickly settled into a rhythm with me pulling his hips onto my cock as i drove with a pistoning motion in and out, in and out! As i swallowed the last of his sweet juices, i gripped dave’s strong thighs and pulled myself from under him. Some guys make the restraint into the chair the best part of the scene. My trips to the barber were more frequent, but what the hell, i looked better.

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Gay forced shave.


They were both lounging on the floor again in nothing but tight underwear with beer in their hands. I then shook the can of shaving cream and filled my hand with the foam.